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Global Silkroad120 Cap | Fun Server | Free Silk | 13 Dg | 15.10.2021
Oyun Adı: GlobalSRO
Oy Sayısı: 2 Oy Ver
Site Adresi: gsilkroad.com
Zorluk: Kolay Server
Açıklama: Global Silkroad . We do understand the corrupt of pvp servers nowdays how it's boring and it doesn't last long we are not claiming to make a server that match all reborn players we don't promise that

GlobalSRO Detaylı Tanıtım

Hello Everyone


We would like to introduce you our project 

Global Silkroad

. We do understand the corrupt of pvp servers nowdays how it's boring and it doesn't last long we are not claiming to make a server that match all reborn players we don't promise that, but if we are going to promise you one thing, we will be doing our best to keep the server full of activities 24/7 and a combination of old school and new pvp servers era, we're hoping to give us a try


It seemed to have a need for some upgrades which would make people more actively playing there, therefore we came up with new ideas which would bring the game play more enjoyable.Our main target in artemis is to keep the server active 24/7 doing activities , jobs , quests , events and much more.

  1. BETA PHASE DATE: 13/10/2021 20:00 GMT+3
    This phase is one of the most important things in servers creation, we cannot just release an opening date without making sure that everything running smoothly, so with your help ofcourse we will test everything and make sure the server runs perfectly, so you can play without fear of losing your time of even money on a failure opening.

  2. GRAND OPENING DATE: 15/10/2021 20:00 GMT+3
    We have choosen the best suitable date for the grand opening , due to quarantine we've submitted the date to the one given above!, however it would be postponed alittle it would be depending on the beta phase

◆ CAP > 120 PVP

It always has been the best beloved cape at the sro scence specially for a pvp game. Most of us had left silkroad online at this degree so let's bring our beloved memories back!


We do know that most ppl doesn't like the coins system so we have made only 2 sort of coins

Our currencies are 

1 B Coin , Global Coin

 will be detailed how to get them later


We have enabled both eu and chin with a perfect balancing system to make sure that every build have the chance in pvp against any


No Alchemy - Free +20


+9 Advance elixir is free.


As a pvp server alchemy isn't needed. disabling alchemy won't be affecting our play2win system..

◆ UNION> Enabled

Ensuring fair gameplay we have Enabled union creation!

◆ PC LIMIT > 3

We have restricted every activity on our server so pc limit won't be that important to us so we have set it to 20.Keep in mind that there won't be a difference opening more than 1 account


Ensuring faring gameplay we have set guild limit to 32


Ensuring faring gameplay we have set union limit to 2


Known bugs such as exchange,restart,stall etc... are disabled at and outside towns..

◆ Global Silkroad Filter | Guard Protection

Sure we can't write down all the features, because it might take hours. So, this is a list of the important features as much as we remember.

Pc limit: 3

Ip limit: 6

Job Pc limit: 1

Battle Arena Pc limit: 1

Survival Arena Pc limit: 1

Fortress War Pc limit : 1

Global cool-down is 20 seconds.

Return/Reverse scrolls cool-down under job mode is 120 seconds.

Exchange, Stall, Restart and Exit are disabled in job/pvp mode.

PK Mode disabled.

Restarting is disabled.

AFK-Kicker in Battle Arena is activated.

AFK-Kicker in Fortress War is activated.

Colored globals and player notification texts.

Colored names.

Colored titles.

Custom title feature.

Unique state manager window.

Ability to detect arena cheaters.

Ability to ban IP and HWIDs.

Ability to detect HWID bypassers. (if even existed, haha)

Prevent proxy connections to the server.

Block reverse/res scroll/skills/trace/pvp/zerk at specific regions.

Block exit and restart outside town.

Block Gold Drop.

Block Spam Chatting.

Solo & Union Survival Arena.

Kill Counter.

Multi arena reward.

There are absolutely more features, restrictions and limitations, but we can't really write every single feature here.

For sure a server without a job system is a useless one and we had to force players to do jobbing so, we have made a job system similar to oldschool one!

  • Route
    Jangan<> Downhang
  • Rewards
    1 B Gold

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