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Mt2Classic - Server launch! 03.05.21 - Pay2Win Abolished The whole ItemShop in ShopCo
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Oyun Adı: Mt2Classic
Oy Sayısı: 1 Oy Ver
Site Adresi: mt2classic.com/
Zorluk: Emek Server
Açıklama: Mt2 Classic | International Old-School & Hardcore! | 03.05.2021 | Early Adopters Exclusive: Register now to get an Experience Ring on your first login! Every account created before the official laun

Mt2Classic Detaylı Tanıtım



The Original Experience - Completely Free


Mt2 Classic aims to retrace the Original Metin2 Experience being the only server that manages to stay true to the mechanics of the old times.

And completely eliminates any Pay2Win element from the game by making the whole Item Shop gainable only by playing.


Early Adopters Exclusive:

Register now to get an Experience Ring on your first login!

Every account created before the official launch date will receive the ring completely

for free!


Register Now!






Why Mt2 Classic


In every other server, even the official ones, the main focus is to get to the end game, and since it takes a very short time to reach most of the Core Metin2 Features are lost or overlooked.

All while requiring players to spend lots of money to progress.

Mt2 Classic goal is to bring back these features while eliminating the real money element.

This translates to a challenging and interesting gameplay, through the whole adventure starting from the very beginning.

Doesn't matter at what level you currently are, there will always be something to do and you might even think to stop leveling up if that's useful to your game strategy.

Metin2 is a Multiplayer Game and the classic experience will value it by making players interact. Gamers will find themselves collaborating, be it for a strong trading market or to deal with the game's challenges.

It will be the norm to find groups forming in the various maps to complete different tasks creating also

true meeting points as it once was.

In the past, MMORPG were characterized by giving you the possibility to play the game in the way you preferred.

For example, it wasn't rare to find players that used to trade and to leverage the game economy to acquire better gear, just like an entrepreneur.

The approach of Mt2 Classic to the game really values and rewards players who think outside of the box and make the most of these dynamics.

Thanks to all these characteristics Mt2 Classic will be a thriving game experience, rich of interactions between the players, that won't fail to deliver an always intense adventure for the whole journey.



Classic Content

The game as it was before any content update and before the coming of "Grotto of Exile", when the strongest weapons are level 65 and 75 and the best armors are level 70.

Hardcore gameplay with a slow but steady progression that will value every achievement.



Pay2Win Abolished

Mt2Classic's philosophy is to have every player on the same level and avoid a Pay 2 Win approach.

The whole Item Shop is exclusively accessible through Shop Points gainable only by playing.

Cosmetics, and other game quality improvements (which do not affect progression), are buyable in the Skin Shop

with real money through the use of Shop Coins.




While main content and gear are what they used to be back in the day there was no real reason not to backport Costumes and even Mounts, inserted as Skins for your horse.

Find your style with plenty of different options, a big selection strictly from the Original Metin2 content.



Offline Shops

Who said you snooze you lose?

Offline Shops will give you the freedom to turn off your computer and keep making money.

You'll be also able to double the normal available item slots and get real time notifications of sales.



Quest Engine Improvements

Quests have been made more intuitive to guarantee a smoother experience.

More Quality of life improvents, such as the Enemy Preview, will help you further.



Improved Horse

You won't need any item anymore to call your horse. Because of this the horse menu, hated by many players, has been removed too.

A simple keypress is all you will need to call and ride your horse.

Moreover, horses have no collisions when unmounted and are now skinnable with mount skins.



Multi Language

Client is currently translated in 7 languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Turkish, Czech) with additional languages coming soon.



Bot Protections

Bots and other forms of automation always gave an unfair advantage to players using them.

Mt2 Classic is equipped with in-house developed protections, both client-side and server-side, with euristhics analysis to find and stop bot users.



Better Graphics

The experience may be classic, but graphics quality doesn't have to be!

Built in support for Anti-Aliasing and High Refresh Rate will please your eyes, with more advanced shaders coming soon!



Bigger Inventory

Originally Metin2 used to have two Inventory pages. Mt2 Classic has four.

Expand your inventory and fill them all.



Bonus Page

Monitor all the bonuses currently affecting your character, pin your favorites and find quicky any bonus thanks to the search bar.



Channel Switcher

Quickly switch channel without having to logout and login back.


Register Now!





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Server tamamen emek serverdir. Metin2nin 2010 yılının aynısıdır. Nesne marketten gerçek parayla bir şey alınamamaktadır. Oyun içinden kazandığınız puanlar ile nesne marketten alışveriş yapabilirsiniz. Emeğin kazandığı bir serverdır. Oyun görevler hariç Türkçedir ve Global bir serverdır. Avrupa genelinden oyuncular bulunmaktadır.

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