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PrimeBD Nova Server
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New nova server Mid Drops / Active Season / Free pearls / Frequent Updates / Soon will be Sage then Corsair / Free Drop filter

PrimeBD Detaylı Tanıtım

[CENTER][SIZE="6"][COLOR="Sienna"]Welcome to PrimeBD a non emulated Private server running official files.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [IMG=expandable: 1]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/494542428053700620/890780121974329416/unknown.png[/IMG] [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]Server information:[/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR="Blue"]-Current Content:[/COLOR] Nova with Awakening/Succession and O’dyllita content. [COLOR="Blue"]-Server Location:[/COLOR] EU [COLOR="Blue"]-Exp:[/COLOR]x8. 1 to 62 will be fast, and then slower. Level 65 is the highest level. [COLOR="Blue"]-Skill Exp:[/COLOR] x50 (You'll never have to be concerned about Skill Points again.) [COLOR="Blue"]-Life Skill Exp:[/COLOR] x10 with active gathering rewarding you Pearls. [COLOR="Blue"]-Guild Quests:[/COLOR] Guild Exp x3 and Guild Funds x6 [COLOR="blue"]-Drop Rate:[/COLOR] x10 with custom made changes to make grinding enjoyable and 3 Times more Trash Amount from monsters [COLOR="blue"]-Enhancement Rate:[/COLOR] Standard [COLOR="blue"]-Breath/Health/Strength Exp:[/COLOR] x10 [COLOR="blue"]-Pets active:[/COLOR] 6 -Every Blacksmith has Cleansing option -All stats wise Journals are instantly activated therefor you do not need to do them anymore. The Whole map is also unlocked at start. [COLOR="Blue"]- 200 Energy and 200 Contribution Points with a T7 Horse + 10k Pearls + 3 T1 Pets from the start![/COLOR] -NPC Fughar has new items to exchange [IMG=expandable: 1]https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/494542428053700620/890921604140376104/unknown.png?width=561&height=676[/IMG] [COLOR="Blue"]-You get 2500 Pearls from staying online each day and an infinite amount of pearls from Grinding mobs who are over lvl 50. Usually around 2k Pearls from grinding a hour.[/COLOR] -Some items like scrolls and Voodoo dolls are now stack able. -RBF Rewards: Winner Side: 20 RBF Seals, 100m Silver. Loser Side: 10 RBF Seals, 70m Silver. -Barter lvl 5 items can be sold for 25m and the special ones for 50m -Guild Apprentice duration: 6 Hours (The green newbie symbol for new Guild members) -Increased Trial Character Slots to 10 -Increased the max Characters you can create to 25 -All Social Actions are unlocked [IMG=expandable: 1]https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/866832040078082089/885386325556084806/unknown.png[/IMG] -All Costumes are available in the Pearl Shop. -We are constantly making changes, which you can see in our Discord. [COLOR="Red"]-Future Plans:[/COLOR] Following the launch, we will focus on the most recent Sage and Corsair content. -Rate adjustments and more (Community suggestions driven) We want all types of players to be able to enjoy the game. PvP will provide you with Silver and progress, so you won't be forced to grind as much. Lifeskillers will be able to earn silver by assisting Grinders and PvP players. PvE players will enjoy gathering with friends or random strangers. Make sure to join our Discord, to see our latest news, & changes that we make. [SIZE="4"][url]https://primebd.to[/url][/SIZE] [SIZE="4"]Discord: [URL="https://discord.gg/Nx55cCsGfd"]https://discord.gg/Nx55cCsGfd[/URL][/SIZE] [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]Some of our changes:[/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR="Blue"]Enabled Loot Report function[/COLOR] [IMG=expandable: 1]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/866832040078082089/878758985900105800/unknown.png[/IMG] [COLOR="blue"]Changed the cooldowns of. Archaeologist's Map from 6 hours to 1 hour Lafi Bedmountain's Upgraded Compass from 10 hours to 2 hours.[/COLOR] [IMG=expandable: 1]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/866832040078082089/878825827603726376/unknown.png[/IMG] [COLOR="blue"]The Guild gets a bonus item for every Guild Quest they do. Collect 10 of them to fuse it into a [Event] Restored Afuaru's Map. A Guild Master/Officer can summon a Afuaru's Treasure Chest for his Guild and every Guild member attacking it, will get 1 random reward.[/COLOR] [IMG=expandable: 1]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/866832040078082089/877747789579317248/unknown.png[/IMG] [IMG=expandable: 1]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/866832040078082089/877748605560172564/unknown.png[/IMG][/CENTER]


Family Name: Chronel u can pm me for any question 

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